OpenCms integrates Apache Solr

Ajax Solr Demo

The OpenCms v8 modules are covering a Solr based OpenCms Search Demonstration using the Open Source UI Ajax Solr:

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Apache Solr Logo

Searching with Solr

After searching with Apache's Lucene for years Apache Solr has grown and grown and can now be called an enterprise search platform that is based on Lucene. OpenCms now integrates Apache Solr as powerful search engine.

Solr is a standalone enterprise search server with a REST-like API. You put documents in it (called "indexing") via XML, JSON or binary over HTTP. You query it via HTTP GET and receive XML, JSON, or binary results. To get a more detailed knowledge what Solr exactly is and how it works, please visit the Apache Solr project website. Searching with the powerful and flexible Apache Solr's REST-like interface will drill down the development complexity. More over you can rely on existing graphical interfaces that provide comfortable AJAX based search functionality to the end user of your internet/intranet application.

Solr Live Query Demo

OpenCms is shipped with a Solr collecor that allows you to find resources by "Solr Queries". The following example queries should give you an introduction how to use Solr queries to find content in OpenCms.  If you want to get familiar with the Solr query syntax you will get a general overview at Solr query syntax. For advanced features Searching - Solr Reference Guide - Lucid Imagination will lend a hand.

Finding recently changed flowers modified last month sorted by date

fq=type:v8flower&fq=lastmodified:[NOW-1MONTH TO NOW]&sort=lastmodified desc

Finding three most recent news that have 'flower' in the title

fq=type:v8news&fq=Title_prop:flower&sort=lastmodified desc&rows=3

Finding events taking place in europe


Getting started

Copy and paste the queries above into the input box: