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OpenCms 8.5 Demo Content

This demo content shows how the features of OpenCms 8.5 are used to create great looking websites.

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Exciting new Acacia variety discovered

Sep 24, 2012

Exciting new Acacia variety discovered
The genus Acacia contains roughly 1300 species, most of them ...
Flowers not only look nice...

Aug 2, 2012

Flowers not only look nice...
No, some of them you can eat as well. ...
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Wonderful World of Flowers

Acacia Covenyi

Wonderful World of Flowers presents the most spectacular and amazing stories about flowers from around the world. Entertaining and with lots of useful information. Let us take you into the adventurous world of flowers around the globe!


  • Below Flower Today you will find all up-to-date news and information about flower-related events.
  • The Flower Dictionary provides in-depth information about different flower types.
  • If you already have access, you can find additional information inside our extranet, Flower Extra.

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About this demo

These demo pages "Wonderful World of Flowers" are used to show various features of OpenCms.

The demo uses a configurable template, intended to be used as a starting point for developing your own website with OpenCms. Create the website structure in the Sitemap Editor. Add existing or new content to a page simply by drag & drop. Edit text content directly "in the page". Use the form based editor for more complex editing operations.

Have fun exploring OpenCms 8.5 and the wonderful world of flowers.