Inheritance group with own start page

To get more information about inheritance group please check the Inheritance Group Demo I.

Use case:

  • The start page of the website has a different layout as the following pages.
  • Especially it does not include any inheritance groups.
  • The following page has one or more inheritance groups defined in the model page, which is used to create the pages.


How to configure the content of the inheritance groups?

In case the start page does not contain any inheritance group due to its layout, the inheritance groups for the website following pages can be configured as follows:

  • In Explorer  create a container page in the same folder as the start page called ".default_inherited.html". 
  • Add the required container groups and edit its elements.
  • Create and edit the model page for the following pages in the /.content/.new folder inside the sitemap configuration folder.
  • The model page has to contain the same inheritance group resources as the .default_inherited.html file.
  • Do not forget to configure the model page in the sitemap.

Used Resources