Article inside of the right element group.

This article is added to the right element group.

Element Group Demo

An Element Group is a content element referencing a group of other content elements. It is rendered as if it’s sub elements where referenced directly by the container page.
The Element Group allows to maintain the referenced elements in one place to take effect on many pages.

Use an element group inside of the containerpage model in the sub sitemap, if you would like to achieve following effects on the website:

  • Common content part appears on all created pages.
  • All changes like editing, dropping new elements or deleting elements from the element group will effect all pages using this page model.

How to use the element group

  1. Open the element group editor by clicking on the edit button of the element group. The element group property dialog opens in an overlay, where the title and the description of the element group can be edited.
  2. Drag and drop, edit or delete the existing elements of the element group.
  3. Drop new elements to the element group from the add wizard.
  4. Save all changes by clicking the ok-button of the element group editor.


Note: All changes on the elements inside of the element group like editing, removing elements, moving elements insider the group as well as changing settings of the element are populated to all pages using this page model.